Become a Member

To get the full benefits of My Peak Challenge, you need to become a member. Not only does membership grant you leave to truly call yourself a Peaker for Life, but you also receive the following:

  • A welcome gift, which includes the official MPC2017 T-shirt and wristband, not available anywhere else.
  • A comprehensive, expert-designed monthly workout and nutrition program. MPC2017 offers the only lifestyle program you need for the entire year.
  • Video of all exercises to ensure you achieve proper form
  • Advice on how to scale the exercises to prevent injury
  • A day-by-day nutrition plan to complement the training program
  • Downloadable and printable versions of:
    • the monthly training programs
    • a full list of exercise descriptions
    • MPC’s nutrition guidelines
    • the monthly meal plans
  • Exclusive members-only newsletter, featuring community news and health and fitness tips
  • An invitation to our exclusive private Facebook group, where you can get support from fellow MPC2017 participants — and Sam, John, Jordana, and the rest of the MPC team
  • An invitation to our first annual members-only MPC event. Want to meet fellow Peakers and the MPC team in person? This is your chance.
  • One membership per transaction, please. 

The best part is that by becoming an MPC member, you’ll be helping others while helping yourself. 50 percent of MPC2017 memberships goes directly to Bloodwise.