MPC2017 will continue to support UK-based charity Bloodwise and the incredibly important work it does to beat blood cancer. By funding research on blood-cancer treatments and extending support and education to patients and their families in the UK, Bloodwise has been instrumental in driving blood-cancer survival rates ever higher since 1960. My Peak Challenge’s 2016 campaign raised $299,000, which funded a clinical trial testing a drug to treat acute myeloid leukemia, among the most aggressive blood cancers. A full 50 percent of the funds raised from the sale of MPC2017 memberships goes directly to Bloodwise

There are four ways to give:

Become a Member

Join now and start celebrating personal accomplishments while helping raise funds to save lives. When you become a member of MPC2017, 50 percent of the MPC2017 memberships goes directly to Bloodwise.

Become an MPC Angel

An MPC Angel is someone who sponsors the membership of another Peaker, enabling him or her to join MPC2017.

The Angels program grew organically out of Peakers’ inherent kindness and generosity and their desire to share the MPC2016 Prep Program with those who couldn’t afford it. 

If you are interested in sponsoring another person or in gifting the program to someone you know, please email and put “Become an Angel” in the subject line.

Become an official MPC Affiliate

Peakers are an amazing group of people. They have supported MPC and Bloodwise by developing their own fundraisers, and they have reached out to their neighbors to form tight-knit local groups to hike, eat and rejoice together. This is one of the most rewarding elements to grow out of My Peak Challenge, and we embrace our Peakers’ dedication to growing our community and extending our impact. In order to ensure accountability and streamline the processes of getting support for raising extra funds and hosting large Peaker events, we have created the MPC Affiliate program.

MPC Affiliates are individuals or groups with unique ideas either for raising extra funds to support MPC2017 or for growing the MPC2017 community. If you or your group is interested in becoming an official MPC Affiliate, please send an email including the following information to

Group Name (if any)
Contact information
Fundraising or community-building proposal (please be as detailed as possible)
What makes your plan unique

Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing.

Donate Directly

Donate directly to the charity safely and securely via the official My Peak Challenge 2017 fundraising page using the JustGiving donation box below. All donations will go to Sam Heughan’s chosen charity, Bloodwise.